Stud Size Guide

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What Size do I Need

It's difficult to recommend an accurate thickness and length for you as everybody's ear is different. To be accurate, a professional piercer can measure your ear to determine your correct gauge and length.

The most common sizes listed following, please keep in mind that these sizes are for reference purposes.

stud size guide

How to Measure Your Ear for Perfect Fit 

As every ear is different and unique, the bar length you need will be different from others. To find out the perfect length you need, the following instruction will help.

1.Insert a standard earring post into your piercing.

2.Mark off on the post on where you want the earring post to fit.

3.Upon removing, measure that length with a ruler.

4.Go a little longer in length so you don’t put undue pressure on your piercing.

Recommended Size 


Inner Diameter


16g /18g /20g

5mm - 7mm


16g /18g /20g

8mm - 10mm

Cartilage/ Helix/Daith

16g /18g /20g

10mm - 12mm




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