Why It’s So Important to Choose Hypoallergenic Earrings

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Earrings are meant to enhance our look and make us feel more beautiful. However, choosing the wrong types of earrings could lead to an allergic reaction. When you pick hypoallergenic flat back earrings, you can avoid troubles while dazzling everywhere you go.

Hypoallergenic earrings are the best choice for you if you’ve ever had a reaction when wearing other types of earrings. Not only are reactions painful, but they’re also unsightly. Plus, you can’t wear any earrings when you have an infection so you can allow your skin to recover.

why choose hypoallergenic earrings

When you choose hypoallergenic earrings, you greatly reduce your risk for trouble. Here’s why you should always choose this type of flat back earring.

- Minimize the risk of reactions

Because hypoallergenic earrings use less nickel than others, they are the safest choice, even for sensitive ears. The base metal is plated with pure gold or silver to keep the alloys from contacting your skin.

- Better metals

With hypoallergenic jewelry, it tends to contain more precious metals and less inexpensive alloys. Surgical steel, stainless steel, titanium, and 925 sterling silver can all be combined to make the kind of quality jewelry that stands the test of time without causing irritations.

- Healthier skin

If you have a reaction from using cheap earrings, you’re bound to notice it. It can lead to red, itchy, and painful earlobes. You may even get blisters that hurt far worse. You won’t have these troubles when you use hypoallergenic earrings, allowing you to wear them comfortably and leave no traces behind once you take them out.

- Tons of beautiful choices

So many women are sensitive to nickel and other irritating metals. That’s why it’s important to choose earrings from a brand that cares about keeping things hypoallergenic for everyone. These designs have been carefully crafted to give you the looks that you want from casual to elegant that will suit your style. With flat back earrings, you can find tons of pairs that are hypoallergenic and look amazing.

The Safest Flat Back Earrings Choice You Can Make

It’s always wise to err on the side of caution when choosing hypoallergenic earrings. Don’t just let the dazzle of the design draw you in…look at the materials and choose earrings from a designer that is transparent about the composition.

hypoallergenic flat back earrings

To be sure you’re choosing quality earrings in both design and metal composition, choose flat back earrings from EricaJewels. Our earrings are made from surgical steel, stainless steel, 925 silver, and titanium, making them suitable for sensitive ears. With flat back earrings that are perfect for any occasion, you can find your new favorites to accessorize your ensembles here!

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