Pendientes con barra

Compre aretes Barbell en EricaJewelsToronto, Múltiples tamaños para elegir para satisfacer sus diferentes necesidades, Más servicios de personalización privados para brindarle la sensación más moderna.

Our Advantages

Canada Factory Direct

Cost transparency - Unlike other companies, we reveal the actual costs behind all of our products—from materials to labour to transportation—then offer them to you, minus the traditional retail markup.

Top quality jewelry

Every piece is crafted with either 100% 925 sterling silver, 316L stainless steel, or titanium for the base. We also use responsibly-sourced diamonds and AAA-grade gemstones for the eye-catching centrepieces.

Wide range of sizes

We strive to offer a wide variety of jewelry, including sizes, specifications, materials and colors, so that everyone can find the perfect earrings for them at an affordable price.

Reliable customer service

Our secure website makes it easy to order high quality earrings and offers a 30-60 day guarantee.We strive to make a difference by carefully selecting talented designers and ethical factories supporting sustainability practices.


Barbell Earrings Guide - What are barbell earrings

The form and look of barbell beads can vary greatly, while the vast majority of beads are merely spherical in shape. To that end, any form into which threads may be tapped can be utilized as a bead.

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