How to Decide On What Jewelry to Pair with Your Outfit

How to Decide On What Jewelry to Pair with Your Outfit
How to Decide on What Jewelry to Pair with Your Outfit
When paired with the right clothing, you’ve probably realized that some pieces of jewelry can really level up an outfit. You may have a pair of go-to earrings for your favorite LBD, or a necklace you always wear to work.

But, are there any unwritten rules to what jewelry pairs best with what outfits?

Not officially, but there is an art to pairing jewelry with your clothing.

Below, we share our best tips for pairing jewelry with outfits. Or watch our videoo to get even more recommendations! Keep in mind: these are just fun guidelines that we’ve seen work really well. As always, be you and do what you want!

How to pair necklaces with your outfit
Here are the not-so-official rules of pairing necklaces with an outfit:

Solid shirts and plain tops can always use a necklace to add definition and create interest.
High necklines (like a turtleneck, collared shirt, or mock neck) benefit from statement or layered necklaces. Layered necklaces can be better for more professional settings, while a large statement piece is fabulous for going out.
If you’re wearing a flowy or loose shirt, use a necklace to give your body definition, and prevent the shirt from overwhelming your body. It’s a smart idea for these necklaces to have a heavier texture so they can really stand out against the fabric.
Minimal necklaces and fine silver or gold chains can pair with most shirts. Wear these with a t-shirt, or a v-cut if you want to show off your clavicle. Throw in some fun with a trendy pendant.

Which earrings should you wear?
This earring or that earring? Read on to help you decide.

Studs are perfect for everyday outfits, and more professional settings. They pair with almost anything.
Bold earrings make an outfit luxe. They instantly bring attention to your face, so they’re perfect for date outfits. We always recommend a bold earring if you’re dressing up or going out. For maximum effect, pick earring colors that contrast with your hair color for the earring to show.
If you’re wearing a high neckline, go with earrings to bring attention to your beautiful face.

Matching bracelets or watches with your outfit
Show off those wrists, baby. Here’s what to wear with a bracelet so your outfit really pops.

Short sleeves and tank tops work well for bracelets. They show off your arms and add more color to your overall look. Go with bangles, minimal chains, or layered… whatever your heart desires.
Cuffed shirts are also a good choice for bracelets.
Avoid wearing bracelets with long-sleeved shirts, though, unless you plan on rolling up your sleeves. You want your bracelets to be free to move around.

How to accessorize with a ring
Here’s the great thing about rings: they literally go with every outfit. That’s why we have wedding rings and not wedding... watches, for instance! Okay, there may be another reason why we have wedding rings, but you catch our drift.

Here are a few pro tips to take your ring game to the next level:

Unlike bracelets, rings look super cute with long-sleeve shirts. That little bit of sparkle draws the eye towards your fingers and hands, especially since you’re mostly covered up otherwise.
The only time rings don’t work is when you’re wearing mittens or long-sleeved shirts with thumb holes. Your hands will be covered up, so what’s the point?


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