What are the Types of Cartilage Earrings?

What are the Types of Cartilage Earrings?

When buying a cartilage earring, you notice many options to choose from. With so many different styles out there, it can be very challenging to narrow down what works for you. This brings the question, what types of cartilage earrings are there? Let’s find out!

Hoop earrings

There are plenty of hoop earrings designed for cartilage piercings. What makes them different is that they have small diameters, and they come either plain, encrusted with stones, or patterned. Hoop earrings can sometimes face upward for the hoop to fall back into your ear.


Constellation earrings

These earrings tend to come in a set, and the idea is to fill in multiple cartilage piercings. The role is to create a cohesive look, similar to a constellation. What’s interesting about these is that you can have flat back cartilage earring, but also other kinds of cartilage earrings as a set.

Barbell earrings

You can find barbell jewelry for cartilage piercings in circular, curved, or straight variations. You can have a charm, ball, or stone at the end. They are visually imposing but also creative and distinctive. And they can work well with some cartilage earring options too.

barbell earrings

Cartilage chain

A cartilage chain is less common, but it looks amazing. These are two different earrings connected via a chain. It can be a regular flat back cartilage earring and hoops connected via a chain. It’s a great option if you want a more different, unique visual style.

Cartilage shields

This type of flat back cartilage earring has been around for quite some time, and the idea is to have a shield-like piece of jewelry going through a stud. People like these more because they are more secure when compared to a cuff. You can get this for the helix area, so that’s a thing to consider here.

Wide cartilage studs

These are wider when compared to regular studs. Thanks to that, they offer an exotic look since they cascade down the ear. You can use these if you have a helix piercing. The benefit here is that you have all shapes and sizes, which means you can easily find one that suits your needs and requirements without much hassle.

Dangling cartilage studs

As the name suggests, they have decorations and ornaments added to the flat back cartilage earring stud. You can wear these if you want something that stands out, making it easier to express yourself. Anyone that has cartilage piercings should try these because they look amazing and convey a great sense of value and quality.

Labret studs

A labret stud is very similar to the studs you wear in the earlobe, but there are a few differences. These flat back cartilage earring models also tend to be shorter. You can also find a variety of designs, ranging from a plain metal ball to models with unique shapes or various precious stones attached to them. Many consider these some of the best flat back cartilage earrings because they are simple, yet you also have ornate, more complex options too. It will make it easier to express yourself and show your style while experimenting with numerous designs.

flat back earrings


As you can see, there are many different flat back cartilage earring options you can buy right away with EricaJewels. It’s an excellent idea to understand what type of look and value these flat back cartilage earrings bring to the table and see which one suits your style the most. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options, so you have to go through trial and error to narrow down what works for you. In the end, you will be thrilled with the results!


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