Cute Animal Stud Earrings - Show your personality and your love for nature

Cute Animal Stud Earrings - Show your personality and your love for nature

Jewellery designers and artists have been inspired by the animal kingdom throughout history. Animal inspired jewellery has been a staple to express your personality, your fierceness or simply your love for nature.

Ericajewels konws what is fashion and personality, today we here recoomend some cute animals earrings.

Which animals are perfect for diamond earrings?

Whether you love wearing statement pieces for your next night out or you love accessorising your jewellery with your daily outfits, animal inspired diamond earrings are ideal feminine tributes to nature that can be worn at all times.


Rabbit diamond earrings not only shows your nature look, but also matches any types of stud earrings. 

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Ericajewels rabbit diamond earrings


Butterflies have always been very popular for their lightness, their graciousness and their lovely lines that are perfect for jewellery. Diamond Earring butterflies can be worn daily for work, but also for special occasions, as their meaning bremains timeless for any season of the year.

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Ericajewels diamond butterfly earrings

Fish Bone Earrings. Wearing this earring, it means powerful symbolism, destiny and luck.

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Ericajewels Fish Bone Earrings


Dragonflies carry the wisdom of adaptability in life and transformation which is why they are also very inspiring to designers. They make for organic and delicately crafted diamond earrings that shimmer in the light in a wonderful way.

Do you already own animal inspired diamond earrings? If not or if you wish to extend your collection then do not hesitate to view our website. 

What is Ericajewels?

Ericajewels knows what is personality and fashion - We forever seek for personality and fashion there is one sentiment that will always remain the same, and that’s that no outfit is ever complete without the right jewellery and accessories. From bangles and bracelets to earrings and pendants, the most basic of outfits will instantly be uplifted the moment you add a few pieces of jewellery. Particularly a pair of earrings. Earrings are not only subtle and versatile but are relatively carefree, and therefore they are the perfect jewellery box staple.

Follow us, then you will get the latest fashion design jewellery, like piercing earrings, stud earrings, huggie earrings, hoope earrings, necklace, and we have designed many styles, with the purpose of meeting your different personality requirement. This will be a chance for you to enhance the level of fashion.

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