The Ultimate Guide to Tragus Earrings

the ultimate guide to tragus earrings
Tragus earrings are very famous among young people and there are a lot of designs available for this type of piercing jewelry. As per your preference, you can select from circular barbells or curved barbells, and many more are available in different sizes and colors.The most common gauge for tragus piercings are 18g and 16g.Cartilage jewelry is crafted specially to improve the appearance of the ear to make a fashionable appeal. 
The tragus is a portion of the ear that connects to the side of the face and protrudes into the ear canal, partially covering it. The tragus is a thick flap of flesh that covers the aperture of the ear, protecting and covering the tube that goes into the internal organs of the ear, such as the eardrum. 
There's usually a scary rumor associated with every piercing site. The rumor that comes with tragus is that the tragus comes with the risk of nerve injury if punctured wrongly in that specific area. Tragus piercing is done on a modest part of the body.  This foreground the need for proper aftercare to recover from the pain. 
tragus earrings

Process of Getting Tragus Piercing done


Purified water and a medical-grade disinfectant should be used to clean your tragus.
Use a non-toxic pen or marker to mark the region to be pierced.
Sterilize a needle and insert it into the designated location of the tragus and out the other side.
Insert jewelry into the piercing you've chosen ahead of time.
Clean the area once again with water and disinfectant to ensure that it is completely clean.
Piercing guns are ineffective at piercing cartilage. They can cause scarring and increased discomfort, among other complications.

    Types of Tragus Earrings


    1.Captive Bead Ring

    CBRs, also known as ball closure rings (BCRs), are metal rings with a single bead joining the ends. Some will use a straight bar instead of a bead to create the illusion of a full circle. They are available in a variety of sizes and may be customized to fit individual preferences. The CBR is available in a variety of colors, as well as charms, diamonds, and forms like skulls, lizards, and hearts.

    2.Barbell Earring

    A barbell is a metal rod with a bead on either end. Vertical tragus piercings are performed with a curved barbell. Circular barbells resemble captive bead rings, except that they have two beads. The horseshoe barbell is similar to a circular barbell, but the ends are straight, giving it the appearance of a horseshoe. Dangling charms can be added to barbells, and the shaft can be twisted into forms or motifs.
    barbell earrings

    3.Tragus Flat Back Earrings

    A labret stud is made up of a flat disc on the bottom, a straight shaft, and the jewelry of choice on the other hand. A bead, spike, charm, or a variety of other shapes and motifs can be added to the end. In a tragus piercing, the flat disc lays behind the tragus. It is flat to avoid rubbing on the skin.


    Teeny tiny earrings are another choice for the tragus however, we recommend waiting until your piercing has healed before experimenting with hoops with unusual forms or textures.

    Pain and Healing Time of Tragus Piercing


    While the pain associated with the piercing treatment usually only lasts a few minutes or hours, you may have some lasting soreness while it heals. New piercings, after all, are effectively exposed sores.
    Unless it becomes infected or snags on anything, a well-healed tragus piercing should not cause pain.
    Tragus piercings normally heal in 3 to 6 months, but in certain situations, the entire procedure can take up to a year.

    Materials Used to Make Tragus Earrings


    1.Surgical Stainless Steel

    This is medical-grade stainless steel, which is used to make medical implants. It does contain nickel, however, the low rate of nickel release makes it safe even for most persons who are allergic to nickel. If you have a severe nickel allergy, you should avoid it.


    Titanium is a medical-grade metal that, unlike stainless steel, is hypoallergenic. Titanium is more expensive, but if you have a severe nickel allergy, your piercer will most likely recommend it.

    3.Gold (14-karat or high)

    If you enjoy the beauty of the yellow, rose, or white gold and are willing to pay a premium, gold is a secure bet. Make sure it's solid rather than gold-plated, which can flake and expose you to nickel and other metals used beneath the coating.


    This elemental metal is comparable to titanium and is safe for almost everyone, although it lacks the implant-grade certification — which isn't a significant concern in this case. It is also less expensive than titanium.

    5.Sterling Silver

    This is another popular material for tragus jewelry.

    Cost of Getting Targus Piercing


    The expense of tragus piercing varies between $20 to $50, depending upon
    1. The experience of Piercer

    2. The popularity and location of the studio

    3. The type of jewelry used

    The expenditure on piercing does not possess the cost of aftercare supplies. Jewelry prices can also vary widely, which could increase the cost considerably.

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