A Guide to Style Different Earrings

A Guide to Style Different Earrings

A Guide to Wear Different Earrings

It may be one of the oldest forms of human adornment, but the humble earring has evolved. From simple hoops to statement climbers and mix and match studs.

Know your earrings

You know your hoops from your studs, but you may need to swot up on some more unusual terms; ‘Huggie' —a small hoop that ‘hugs’ the lobe of the ear; ‘Climbers’ — earrings that sweep up the ear from the lobe; ‘Ear jacket’ — an ornamental piece that threads onto the earring post behind the lobe, hanging beneath the ear.

Mix and match earrings

Look around, and you’ll see that from the runway to the street, when it comes to earrings, anything goes; single, mismatched, multiples. Spurred on by celebrity piercer J Colby Smith and Maria Tash, the new look is all about curation. If you have multiple piercings, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles — try a combination of delicate studs, or pair a statement design with a small hoop.

Know your left ear from your right

Some styles are designed specifically to be worn on the left or right ear, and will be more flattering when worn correctly. As a general rule, a climber should follow the curve of your ear, while a jacket or drop earring should track (and therefore highlight) the jawline.

Earrings for every occasion

If work wear calls for a pared-back look, a simple stud should suffice. For date night, why not try something that swishes — a tassel or chandelier — to transfix and beguile your beloved. Hair, make-up and neckline are all part of the equation, so make sure your earring choice is complementary. And if you’re wearing statement earrings, go light on other jewels — it’s not December 25th, and you don’t have branches.

Consider the right earrings for your face shape…

Get acquainted with your face. Pull your hair back — both diamond-shaped faces (if your cheekbones are the widest part) and hearts (your face tapers from forehead to chin) should opt for balancing long line earrings. Longer faces suit studs or climbers to emphasize the horizontal.

Use earrings to highlight your best features

Just as earrings can be used to balance the face, they can enhance your best features. Designs centered on your ears — studs or small styles — highlight the eyes, while a chandelier or drop accentuates your jawline. Whether it’s a precious metal or gemstone, any sparkle worn near the face is a good way to illuminate the skin.


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