Kings Crown Piercing Earrings - Every girl's princess dream

kings crown piercing

 Now this kind of king's crown piercing earrings with diamonds are a very popular style, many girls especially like to wear, in the ear above will look very delicate, and we give you the following introduction to the crown earrings have what symbolism.

kings crown piercing

                                                kings crown piercing

Crown Earrings Meaning

Every girl wants to have her own crown earrings, crown earrings signify submissiveness, a lifetime will be faithful to love, you are my princess forever, I will hold you in my heart, even after we are married, you also have the right to freedom, and this is also a crown inlay, in my world, in my heart you are all I have, whether we are poor or rich in the future, I will not leave you.
kings crown piercing earrings


What do the crown earrings represent?

The crown means happiness - the crown today means that every bride who gets married with a flower crown also concentrates the happiness of thousands of favors in one person on the wedding day. Originally the crown was created only to signify power and status, and only one person was able to wear the crown with all the power of the nation. Olive branches, flowers, and feathers were used to make the crown, but as it became more and more luxurious and refined, it also highlighted the love and power of the wearer. Dynasties changed, and the effort expended on the crown could not be measured, and a thousand selected gems were set in the magnificent crown that was crowned, using the most beautiful diamonds, the most renowned craftsmen, and the most elaborate workmanship to create the miracle of the crown. Its design and origin are worthy to be counted in detail, the crowned face favor and smile, vivid and happy.
kings crown piercing

How to clean crown earrings

1. Rinse with detergent.
Pour a little detergent into a bowl and stir with warm water to make foam first, then put the earrings into the bowl and rub lightly with a soft brush. After you finish scrubbing, take out the earrings and put them into a metal net or tea strainer, rinse them off with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth.
2. Cool water immersion.
Dissolve the cleaner in cool water in a ratio of 1:4 and soak the earrings in the solution for a few minutes. Remove and gently wipe with a soft brush, rinse again with the solution, and then dry it with a paper towel.
3. Coldwater immersion method.
Add the same amount of water to half a cup of household ammonia water, dip the earrings into the solution and stir gently, then dry the water with paper.
4. Using a cleaner.
Nowadays, there are all kinds of cleaners sold in the market, for example, using ultrasonic cleaners and other specialized jewelry cleaners also work well.
kings crown piercing


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