Cartilage Earring Size Guide

Cartilage Earring Size Guide

Knowing the cartilage earrings size is very important if you want to start wearing this type of earrings. People love cartilage earrings because they are easy to wear and really help you make a great statement. It’s always a good idea to think outside of trends, and with cartilage earrings you can do that. However, you do want to know if they fit your style and that’s why it’s important to understand the cartilage earrings size.

cartilage earrings size

What is the cartilage earrings size?

The standard size for the cartilage earrings is 18 gauge. So that means you must use a length of over 5/16”, as that will help accommodate for swelling during the healing process.Which means you can use a variety of cartilage earrings styles and types, and that will make the process better and easier thanks to it.

There are also 16g cartilage earrings, and that means you will have 3/16” as well as ¼” cartilage earrings too, but the 18 gauge ones tend to be the most common. As you can see, the cartilage earrings size will vary quite a bit, and it’s certainly an important aspect you need to keep in mind. That’s what makes things so different and rewarding for users.

cartilage earrings

What types of cartilage earrings can you use?

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone interested in cartilage earrings has plenty of options. Sure, you must know the cartilage earrings size before you get into this. But once that’s out of the way, you will see there are all kinds of cartilage piercings to keep in mind. That’s very exciting, especially from a professional standpoint.

First, you have the barbell for cartilage piercing, it actually looks great and it allows you to experiment and try out new things. On top of that, you can go with the 18 gauge cartilage earrings size, something that will add in a lot of style and creativity. Then you have the captive bead ring. This is more suitable for a single piercing, and it promotes a better healing process too. There are captive bead rings from 14 to 16 and 18 gauge. The diameter measurements vary, but again 5/16” tends to be the most common options.

A similar thing can be said when it comes to studs. These are very important if you want to focus on healing as a whole, and it works quite nicely too. The advantage you get from this is that healing is quicker if you have 5/16” or better. It’s another situation where the cartilage earrings size does matter quite a bit.

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How much time does it take to heal?

It depends on multiple factors, but generally it can take anywhere from a few days to a week or weeks if needed. While it’s not a painful process, the healing itself takes quite a bit mostly because it’s cartilage. It’s firmer when compared to other earring styles, but that also means it’s a bit tougher to heal after punching a hole through it.

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The cartilage earrings size is crucial when you want to pierce your ears, since you want to ensure you get something that fits. This guide showed some of the most popular examples, which will make the process simpler and easier.After reading this guide if you want a cartilage earring in the right size, EricaJewels will have many options to choose from. Knowing the cartilage size is crucial since it will eliminate concerns and help you focus on a better experience. That’s why you shouldn’t just get into this without having the necessary information. It helps save time, and in the end results can be a lot more impressive. Take your time and understand what kind of cartilage earrings work for you, as it will make the process easier!


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