What To Look For When Buying Stud Earrings?

What To Look For When Buying Stud Earrings?
Times have moved on from the cliched sets you got as a kid when you first had your ears pierced, now there are so many designs, styles and stud earrings sets to choose from and so many ways to wear them. Here are some things Ericjewels would like to tell you.

A ‘nickel free’ label
Whether you have super sensitive ears or just want to care for your ears and minimise the risk infection or irritation when wearing earrings, by looking out for ‘nickel free’ stud earrings you will ensure ears are safe and free to wear as much bling as they desire!

Secure backing
Stud earrings are amazing, when they actually stay in place! Nothing is more annoying though than stud earrings that look good but feature a loose backing and fall straight off. Because we all know what happens after that...you lose one stud earring and your every dream of wearing that staple set is over…(well unless you don’t mind a mix and match set, in which case, own it girl!).

A jewellery tone that flatters your skin tone
Just like your foundation or clothing, certain metals suit your skin tone more so than others.

For example, if you tend to have naturally pink hued skin, wearing rose gold will likely give you an even redder appearance and not be as flattering. So when choosing stud earrings, match your skin tone to the right jewellery tone.


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