Aurora Jewels

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Rainbow North Star Stud Earrings Set | Gift Idea
Aurora Planet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings | Gift For Her
butterfly pendant necklace
mermaid necklace
teardrop necklace
Moon Pendant Necklace
Aurora Moon Pendant Necklace | Christmas Gift
Luxury Aurora Swan Stud Earrings | Water Resistant
north star necklace
Pink 5A CZ Heart Cut Pendant Necklace | Christmas Gift
Planet Necklace | June Birthstone Necklace
sterling silver necklace
mother of pearl pendant necklace
flower pendant necklace
Pink 3A CZ Heart Stud Earrings for Women | Chirstmas Gift
Aurora Blue Starry Mermaid Stud Earrings
Aurora Cherry Blossom Butterfly Stud Earrings
flower bracelet
butterfly bracelet
moon bracelet
sakura necklace
Aurora Glass Gold Butterfly Necklace | Christmas Gift
butterfly necklace
swan necklace
cherry blossom necklace
star necklace
moon and star necklace
aquamarine pendant necklace


Safe for sensitive skin, say goodbye to itchiness

Water Resistant & Long Lasting

Crafted to resist tarnishing, no more green skin

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