Birthstone Earrings for July: A Gem of a Gift

ruby earrings

Looking for that perfect birthday gift for a loved one born in July? Why not choose birthstone earrings for July? Not only are they a thoughtful and personal choice, but they're also stylish and timeless. We're talking about ruby earrings—the ultimate expression of love and passion.


The Birthstone for July: Ruby

The ruby is considered one of the most powerful and revered gemstones since ancient times. Its vibrant red color, often associated with the heat and vitality of summer, perfectly fits as the birthstone of July, the peak of summer. Its rich history, deep symbolism, and undying charm are what make ruby an ideal choice for birthstone earrings.

The ruby symbolizes love, power, and royalty. Its fiery red hue is also said to signify courage and passion. Gifting ruby earrings means you're offering not just a piece of jewelry, but a token of love and high esteem.

Birthstone earrings, especially those adorned with rubies, hold a special appeal. They're personal and unique to the wearer, reflecting their individuality. Plus, rubies are versatile—they complement almost any outfit, whether casual or formal.


Types of Ruby Earrings


Ruby Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are simple, yet elegant, making them ideal for everyday wear. Their simplicity allows the vibrant ruby to be the star of the show.

Ruby Drop Earrings

These earrings hang just below the earlobes. They're a perfect choice for a more formal look or a special occasion, providing a bit of glamor and sophistication.

Ruby Hoop Earrings

In these, the rubies are usually inset along the hoop's surface. It's a modern take on the traditional hoop earrings and provides a pop of color to any outfit.


Incorporating Ruby into Other Types of Earrings

Ruby in Helix Earrings and Cartilage Earrings

Rubies can also be incorporated into other unique styles like helix earrings and cartilage earrings. Their radiant red adds an eye-catching element to these unique earring styles.

Ruby in Tragus Jewelry and Conch Jewelry

Not just limited to standard earrings, rubies can also find their way into body jewelry such as tragus jewelry and conch jewelry. Their intense color offers a distinctive accent to these piercing styles.

Ruby in Opal Earrings and Forward Helix Jewelry

Rubies combined with other gemstones like opals in opal earrings, or used in forward helix jewelry, create an intriguing visual contrast and enrich the overall aesthetic appeal.

Ruby in Titanium Earrings and Surgical Steel Earrings

For those with sensitive skin, rubies set in hypoallergenic titanium earrings or surgical steel earrings offer a combination of beauty and comfort.


Choosing the Perfect Ruby Earrings


Consider the Carat

The carat size of the ruby significantly impacts the earrings' look and price. The larger the carat, the more striking (and expensive) they will be.

Assess the Color

The best quality rubies have a deep red color, often referred to as 'pigeon's blood.' However, rubies come in a range of red hues, and the choice depends on personal preference.

Check the Cut

The cut of a ruby can enhance its shine and color. Common cuts for rubies in earrings include round, oval, and cushion.

Value the Clarity

While flawless rubies are rare, the fewer inclusions, the more valuable and visually appealing the gem will be.


Where to Buy Ruby Birthstone Earrings

Erica Jewels is a reputable online store known for its high-quality gemstones and exquisite jewelry craftsmanship. Here's how you can buy Ruby Birthstone Earrings from Erica Jewels:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the Erica Jewels official website. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the various collections available.
  2. Search for Ruby Birthstone Earrings: Use the search bar to type in 'Ruby Birthstone Earrings'. Alternatively, navigate through the categories available, such as 'Birthstone Jewelry' or 'Earrings', to find ruby earrings.
  3. Browse through the Selection: Spend some time browsing through the wide range of Ruby Birthstone Earrings available. Look at the details provided, including the quality of the ruby, the materials used, and the design of the earrings.
  4. Make Your Selection: Once you've found a pair of earrings that you love, add them to your shopping cart.
  5. Check Out: Review your shopping cart, ensuring that all details are correct. You can then proceed to check out. Fill in your shipping details and select your preferred method of payment.
  6. Place Your Order: After you've reviewed everything and you're satisfied, you can place your order. Erica Jewels will process it and ship your new Ruby Birthstone Earrings to your specified address.



Ruby, the birthstone for July, makes a captivating choice for earrings. They're not just beautiful and versatile; they're also filled with meaning and history. Choosing ruby earrings as a gift for someone born in July shows a personal touch and a depth of thought that few other gifts can match.



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