Septum Jewelry Size Guide

septum size guide

What is the normal size for a septum

The most common gauge for a septum piercing is 16G. However, the piercer you choose may go up or down in sizes based on your anatomy and preferences. While 16G is often the starter gauge, some people go a size down (18 gauge) or a size up to 14G.

When it comes to the ring diameter, it is various from 6mm to 8mm, depending on your location of piercing and your preference.

septum size guide

How to Measure Your Ear for Perfect Fit


Although having your piercer help fit you is better, you can measure your piercing at home using just a piece of paper and a ruler.

  1. Cut a small strip of paper, line it up with the bottom of the piercing hole, and mark where the edge of your nose is on the paper with a fine-tipped marker.
  2. Measure the marked portion against a ruler that is marked in millimeters to get the smallest inner diameter that you can comfortably wear.
  3. Add 1mm to be snug and 2mm for more loose




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