Tragus Piercing Jewelry Size Guide

tragus jewelry size guide

What Size do I Need


The most common gauge for a tragus piercing is 16 gauge and 18gauge. The hoop diameter you need depends on your anatomy and personal preference. For tragus, 6mm tends to be a good choice for most people.


The most popular piece of jewelry to put on your tragus would be a flat-back barbell, as there is limited space on the back of the tragus piercing. As for the length of the bar, 6mm will be suitable for people who have thinner skin and 8mm for thicker ear.

Tragus size guide

How to Measure Your Ear for Perfect Fit

Although there are recommended tragus sizes, you need to measure your own ear since everyone’s ear is different. Follow the instruction and find the size perfect for you.


1.Use a ruler to measure distance from the hole to the edge of your ear.

2.Add 1mm for snug fitting and 2mm for loose fitting.


1.Insert a standard earring post into your piercing.

2.Mark off on the post on where you want the earring post to fit.

3.Upon removing, measure that length with a ruler.

4.Go a little longer in length so you don’t put undue pressure on your piercing.





Bar Length

6mm - 8mm

Inner Diameter

5mm - 8mm




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April Arquette

I have a thick Tragus and was wondering if I should go with a longer bar flat back or ball screw back?

March 2, 2023 at 23:52pm

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