Ear Piercing Trends 2022 And Piercing Care

Ear Piercing Trends 2022 And Piercing Care

For ear piercing, I believe the most common concern is whether it is painful or not. How to identify ear piercing inflammation? What are the ear piercing care methods? Read the following to believe that you can solve the confusion in your mind, but also must know the 3 2022 ear piercing trend.

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2022 Ear Piercing Trend 1. Constellation Piercings are the hottest trend in recent years

Constellation Piercings means pierced ears in different places on the ear, with sparkling and simple earrings that look like stars. Compared to the hot ear piercing trend, the nose ring, lip ring and body diamond trend has started to fade, and people come to piercing stores to have Constellation Piercings done more often, usually with three or more piercings.

Ruby Constellation Piercings

Ruby Constellation Piercings

2022 Ear Piercing Trend 2. Daith, Snug and Tragus

I believe some of the reasons why you suddenly want to wear multiple ear piercings are because you see your favorite actress wearing beautiful earrings, or you see a certain photo and are triggered by the desire to wear ear piercings. The most popular ear piercing locations are Daith, Snug and Tragus, but these are the more troublesome locations, as it is difficult to change earrings by yourself and relatively painful to pierce your ears.

Daith Earring

Daith Earrings

Tragus Earring

Tragus Earrings

2022 Ear Piercing Trend 3. Gold hoop earrings will continue to be popular

When choosing earring styles, it is advisable to choose the same color, simple and small earrings, such as a single diamond and fine hoop style, with the Constellation ear hole wearing method, feel fashionable and sophisticated. When it comes to matching earrings, it is advisable to choose a simple and small style for all of them, or choose one exaggerated earring and match the rest with fine diamond or young hoop models. Compared to the silver earrings, delicate gold hoop earrings will become a major trend.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Hoop Earrings

Does it hurt to have my ears pierced? Which ear piercing location hurts the most?

Everyone has a different level of pain acceptance, so it varies from person to person, but generally speaking, the bone position will be more painful, while the ear beads have more flesh, which is relatively less painful and is the choice for beginners. In terms of the most painful position, many people say that it is the Industrialrial, a relatively rare ear piercing position, because it is not just one position, but a very long earring that has to pass through two positions at once, which is very painful just to imagine. There are friends around to wear this position, her feeling is inflammation is really super painful, and more than tattoos to feel more pain, and this position of the longest healing time has a chance to need 12 months, while the ear bone, ear sockets and other positions also need 6 to 8 months. If you are interested in this location, a friend shared that she had chosen a reputable store specializing in ear piercing, the ear piercer will use the human hand piercing method, fast and accurate to complete the entire ear piercing process

What kind of people are not suitable for ear piercing? Is it okay for children to have their ears pierced?

Ear piercing for children is possible, and it is common for ear piercing stores to offer ear piercing services for clients 6 years of age or older, provided that they are accompanied by a guardian. For some ear bone locations, the age requirement is more stringent, requiring 16 years of age or older. Ear piercing is generally not recommended for people who are pregnant, have heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, skin disease, scars on the ears, etc. There should be no birthmarks or ink in the ear piercing location.

What to do with ear piercing inflammation? Write down these ear piercing care methods

It is recommended that you do not get too many piercings at once, otherwise it will be not easy for your body to adapt, and once one ear piercing becomes inflamed, it will infect the others and aggravate the inflammation of the pierced ear. For the first three days after your ear piercing, you should not touch the wound without washing your hands. Do not swim for 3 days after your ear piercing, avoid the wound as much as possible when bathing, and make sure to dry the ear piercing even if it is wet.

If your ear piercing becomes inflamed, you can use a cotton swab with a little disinfectant product or ear piercing solution to wipe the pus around the ear piercing, but don't take the earrings off to clean them because the next time you have to put them back on, the pain you have to endure is really no joke.If the inflammation persists, it is best to see a doctor or give up your ear piercing.


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