Where to buy cartilage earrings?

Where to buy cartilage earrings?

Cartilage earrings are widely regarded as a great way for any woman to show off her unique style. They are extremely interesting, visually impressive, and you also have all kinds of styles to work with. These include everything from cute cartilage earrings to cartilage hoop earrings, but also hypoallergenic cartilage earrings or even cartilage earrings for sensitive ears. Let’s learn more about cartilage earrings, their unique features and also understand why it’s a great idea to check them out.

cartilage earrings

What is a cartilage piercing?

The cartilage piercing is a decorative hole made in a specific location of your ear filled with cartilage. Simply put, you can have a piercing on the stiff part of the nose or ear, and that will be a cartilage piercing. Due to the nature of this piercing, it’s important to keep in mind it can take quite a bit of time to heal.

Depending on the situation, a cartilage piercing can take anywhere from 4 to 12 months until it’s healed properly. During this time, your body needs to work very hard to try and heal the new hole. It’s not just soft tissue, since you are also adding cartilage earrings in there as well. That on its own can be an issue at first, but it does heal eventually, and it starts from the skin inwards.


Can you touch the cartilage earrings after piercing?


The short answer is that you should avoid touching the cartilage earrings in any way after the piercing process. The earring is just setting in, and touching can just lead to an infection. That’s why you need to wash your hands before touching your cartilage earrings, and ideally you should consider not touching anything at all, just to stay safe. Otherwise you can encounter some issues, and you are better off avoiding them.


What type of cartilage earrings should you go for?


There are different options when it comes to cartilage earrings. Helix earrings are in the outer rim of the ear cartilage and they go from above the lobe to the apex, and they curve down. Antihelix are in the raised cartilage ridge, between the ear canal and the helix. Conch cartilage earrings are in the outer or inner conch. Then there are daith, tragus and antitragus earrings, all of which have their own type of cartilage earrings you can go for.


What kind of cartilage earrings should you use and which are the best ones for you?


The cartilage earrings from Erica Jewels are designed to fit a large variety of styles and requirements. There are actually a large variety of designs and options to consider, all of them with their own pros and cons.

  • Hoop earrings are small and they can fit in the tight spaces on the higher part of the ear. You can find them either plain, with stones and so on. Gold cartilage earrings are very common here, but also titanium cartilage earrings too.
  • Captive bead rings have a design focus towards the middle of the hoop. They are suitable for the same region as hoops, they come with a great look and you will find them incredibly interesting and a pleasure to use.
  • Labret studs are some great sterling silver cartilage earrings, but they can be made from other materials. They are pretty much a ball of plain metal, but they can also have quirky shapes and even some precious stones as well.
  • Dangling studs are also very common in the case of cartilage earrings as well. These will usually come with a dangling charm that you will notice at the front. Due to their nature, they will have a post fixture which is designed to secure them to the upper ear placement.
  • Wide studs can be a good idea if you want to have multiple earrings within a single piercing. They tend to have a crawling design which helps mimic the look of having more than one piercing. You can use wide studs in the upper ear part and also the outer ear. It’s a very distinctive style and a great one to focus on.
  • Cartilage shields are very similar to a cuff, however they go via the ear piercing. A lot of people choose them because they are very secure and you can wear them with the helix if you want. And yes, these cartilage earrings are very good specifically for the helix area of your ear.
  • Cartilage chains are basically 2 different earrings, basically cartilage hoop earrings and studs that are connected via a chain. The chain length can differ based on a multitude of factors, which is certainly a thing to keep in mind. It’s mostly ideal for the outer ear piercings.
  • Barbells are a lot of fun, they have 3 variations like the circular, curved or straight barbells. They are posts/studs which show at booth ends. These can have a charm, ball or stone at one end, and then a threaded ball at the other end.

cartilage earrings


Why should you wear cartilage earrings?


The great thing about cartilage earrings is that they are visually imposing and you also have a large number of styles to choose from. You can even find cartilage earrings for sensitive ears, but also surgical steel cartilage earrings as well. On top of that, there are cute cartilage earrings designs as well. That means there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

Once you buy yourself some cartilage earrings, you will be able to swap them out whenever you want. That being said, you shouldn’t swap the first cartilage earrings you get with the piercing until after the piercing is healed. Needless to say, cartilage earrings are a great fashion statement and having multiple styles to choose from does help a lot.

Where to buy cartilage earrings?


If you want some cool, creative and cute cartilage earrings, we are here to help. Erica Jewels gives you access to some of the top cartilage earrings you can find on the market at some amazing prices. Whether you want sterling silver cartilage earrings, titanium cartilage earrings, gold cartilage earrings or any other option, we are here to assist. Browse our cartilage earrings collection today and choose the ones you like!

cartilage earrings


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