Where to Buy Tragus Earrings?

Where to Buy Tragus Earrings?

Finding the right type of earrings to express yourself is a very good idea, and there’s no shortage of options either. In recent years, more and more types of earrings were introduced to the market, with tragus earrings being a prime example. Erica Jewels is bringing you a unique range of earrings that are not only cleverly designed, but innovative and with an amazing look. Let’s learn more about these flat back tragus earrings, what they are and how they can enhance your look.

unique tragus earrings


What are tragus earrings?

The tragus piercing is sitting on a small part of the cartilage which covers the ear canal. The important thing to note is that your outer ear has skin and cartilage, and specific areas like the tragus are great for a piercing and an earring. With that being said, you just need a flat area where you get to add a piercing.

And yes, these tragus earrings fit perfectly, it’s not very painful to get pierced in this region, and it works flawlessly. There will be some pain, but in the case of sterling silver tragus earrings it’s more about the pressure you feel and how you react to it. What’s important to keep in mind is that these tragus earrings can get in the way when you try to talk on the phone for example. That can make things a bit trickier, but overall you will find that it works flawlessly and you will be quite amazed with the results. The healing time for a piercing like this can be 6-12 months, so it is a commitment.

What kind of tragus earrings are there?

Generally, you will have a variety of options when it comes to buying tragus earrings. In regards to sizing, you will mostly have things like 6 mm or 8 mm hoops. Additionally, flat back tragus earrings are also very common. Studs and barbells can be good here too.

And, as we mentioned earlier, you can also find sterling silver tragus earrings and even diamond tragus earrings. So you will, have plenty of options, not to mention countless designs. You can browse the Erica Jewels collection today to see all of them and pick whichever you like the most.

When it comes to materials, gold is a great option and higher quality metals like this will actually encourage the healing process for the piercing. Most tragus earrings made out of gold are 14 karats. Then you have surgical steel, as we said earlier, it’s a good option, surgical steel does not contain nickel, and is a hypoallergenic material,It can protect your ears well to heal. Platinum is a good alternative here because it looks similar to stainless steel, without having any nickel.

surgical steel tragus earrings

Is it possible to sleep on the side if you have tragus earrings?

The short answer is yes, but you will have to wait for that for around 3 months. The reason behind that is you need to allow the piercing some time to heal. In general, the healing time is roughly 3 months, sometimes more, sometimes a bit less depending on the situation. If you are a side sleeper and want diamond tragus earrings for example, you can get a special pillow with ear cut-outs. That can be a good option and it will help convey much better results in the long term.

Is tragus earrings easy to wear?

The great thing about flat back tragus earrings and all the other earrings in this category is that they are easy to wear. These earrings are versatile and you won’t have to worry about them that much. They can be a bit tricky to wear earbuds with them, for example, but other than that you should be more than ok. It makes a lot of sense to acquire such earrings because of their quality and unique style.

gold tragus earrings

Should you choose a very specific shape?

What’s really cool about tragus earrings is that you can find them in a variety of different shapes. Triangles tend to be a very popular and common shape, one that you should consider taking into account. Then you also have flower themed tragus earrings, hoops, butterflies, stars and so on. Having so many options is great because it gives you more control, and you will be very impressed with the large array of styles and colors you can find on the Erica Jewels website.

flower tragus earrings

Buy your own tragus earrings today

Erica Jewels is here to offer you some of the best tragus earrings you can find on the market. Whether you are interested in sterling silver tragus earrings, diamond tragus earrings or flat back tragus earrings, we have all of them and so much more. It’s very important for us to ensure you enjoy top of the line, great tragus earrings every time. So if you’re looking for any type of tragus earrings, all you have to do is to browse our tragus earrings collection today. We are always here to bring you an incredible experience and value, so give our tragus earrings a try right away!


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