BRAND Ambassadors


After becoming the embassador of Ericajewels, you will receive you own code. You will gain 10% of every order used your code.

As an embassador, you will have the chance to become our tester of new products! We will choose 3 testers to send out several items every month, and upgrade our products according to your feedbacks.

Whether you are an influencer or individual, you will gain the exposure by being featured on EricaJewels’ social media. Of course, all of these will be done under your permission.


Step 1

Sign up to EricaJewels and become one of our members

Click here to sign up

Step 2

Follow us to TK or IG

TK & IG: @ericajewelsofficial

Step 3

Post a picture of yourself wearing our products, and leave your feedback on the comment and tag us!

Step 4

DM or Email us to be acknowledged

Format: Brand embassador + the naming of your code + the screnshot of your post