Be the mouthpiece ot the voiceless

EricaJewels is proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives.

Animal Rescue

  • Approximately six and a half million animals are brought into shelters in the United States yearly. The ASPCA veterinary doctors and team rescue abused, neglected, and tortured animals. They treat animals physically and emotionally so they can heal from the traumas they've experienced.

Animal Care and Recovery

  • By rescuing and providing care for the most injured, sick, or abused in our society, the ASPCA help to alleviate their pain and suffering. They do this by treating animals with the necessary care and rehabilitation.


  • The ASPCA works to stop dogfighting by supporting legislation to criminalize and punish dogfighting. They also work to strengthen law enforcement by providing free training on how to investigate and prosecute illegal animal cruelty and fighting.

Why we Give

We are animal lovers since the moment we know we exist on this planet, Earth. After witnessing animal abuse in documentaries, real life, and on social media, we thought to help our little friends. We aim to provide them with the life they deserve. Following are the statistics that have triggered us to help our furry friends.

10 Million

Die from abuse every year


Be used for Lab Experiments every year

Animals have no voice of their own and very few legal rights. They are helpless and, all too often, mistreated cruelly by people. Pets provide us with companionship, love, and support, and they often become an important part of our lives. We all need to help them the way we can.

When you shop with us, you'll be doing good for more than just your own home - 0.5% of your order will be donated to the ASPCA to save a cat, a dog, or a puppy

Roughly 60%-70% of families in the United States own a pet, making pet ownership an important part of many people's identities. As a pet owner, that makes me sad seeing so many animals suffering!

EricaJewels will donate to ASPCA from Feb. 1 and keep updating here! EricaJewels is proud to support the ASPCA® and its mission to save lives. To learn more, visit: