Pop Pearl Earrings for 2022

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Pearl earrings - The great thing about them is that they can be as easily worn with a casual T-shirt and jeans as they can with a cocktail dress. Perhaps one of the favourite ways to wear them is with business attire. Mostly they can go with any business attire, though it is best to match pearls to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing golden pearls, then a light, champagne blouse is extremely complementary. Perhaps the easiest pearls to match are black pearls. Black pearls can go with just about any business attire, since much business attire (including pantsuits and pencil skirts) is black. It is a good idea to add black pearl earrings to your jewellery collection since black really does go with everything.

Ericajewels Lustrous pearl earrings bring an air of charm and polish to any look. Our cultured pearl earrings are hand-selected and meticulously matched for a pair of glistening gems that are both stylish and sophisticated.


Ericajewels pearl hoop earrings
This hoop earrings are designed as a hoop earring with pearl hoop. The pearls are shinny, which you are match nearly all your daily dress or business attire. It’s easy to wear and feel very smooth.

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Pearl earrings


18g Pearl Stud Earrings

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Pearl stud earrings



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