What Size Do I Need For Piercings

Hoop Size:

The most common gauge for a piercing is 16G or 18G. The hoop diameter you need depends on your anatomy and personal preference. If your piercing is closer to the edge of your ear, and you love the hoop to be snug, then a smaller diameter hoop will suit you.

Stud Size:

The bar length you need will depend on your skin thickness and piercing location. Recommended lengths are usually 6mm or 8mm. For a short and snug fit, we recommend a 6mm length. If you have thicker cartilage or prefer to leave a bit of space either side, then an 8mm may be better suited.

Recommended Piercing Size

Although there are recommended piercing sizes, you need to measure your own ear since everyone’s ear is different. Follow the instructions and find the size that is perfect for you.


1. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the hole to the edge of your ear.

2. Add 1 mm for a snug fit and 2 mm for a loose fit.


1. Insert a stud earring to your piercing hole that you can comfortable wear.

2. Record the excess length, subtract it from the total length of the earring, and that's the length you need.3. Add 1 mm for a snug fit and 2 mm for a loose fit.


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