How to Remove Flat Back Earrings

How to remove flat back earrings

Do you experience pain when trying to remove your flat back earrings, starter screw back, or butterfly back? If so, you're not alone. This is a very common problem for people with new piercings.

But don't worry - I've got you covered. In this article, I'll share some helpful tips that will make it easy for you to remove your earrings without pain.

flat back earrings

Tip 1: Wash Your Hands First to Remove Flat Back Earrings

To remove a stuck clutch, you will need to wash your hands first so that you can disinfect the area.


I'll also recommend using latex gloves to help you hold onto the front piece of the earring as you unscrew or pull it out without dropping it.


Tip 2: Remove the Metal From the Area Around Your ear Lobe

 The pain that you may experience from metal sensitivity is one of the main reasons that earrings can get stuck.

One of the best ways to combat metal sensitivity is to create a barrier and remove the metal from the area around your ear lobe.


 Whether you have stopped taking your earrings off before you go to bed, or you are wearing a new type of earring, your ears can sometimes swell and this can make your earring difficult to take off.


Tip 3: Apply Alcohol to the Affected Area

Apply some rubbing alcohol to the area and remove the dead skin cells as well as the areas that have impacted the earring. This will start to loosen the area and dry out the affected ear lobe. 

You can start to loosen the flat back with your fingers after applying the alcohol to the affected area. When you are able to wiggle the post, you can start to carefully pull out the screw piece from the post.


Tip 4: Remove a Stuck Clutch


Get a small amount of moisturizer or ideally petroleum jelly to the area and work it along the earring back. You can start to lubricate the stuck back and hold the front of the earring. Turn the clutch or earring back with the lubrication and you can start to slowly loosen it. 

Tip 5: Removing Plastic Flat Back Earrings

Plastic earrings can be also a big culprit for getting stuck!  When you are dealing with a flat back earring made of hard plastic, it is important to work with the earrings. You can soften the earlobe with the help of a cotton pad soaked in oil.

Hold the pad over the area and you will allow the oil to gently soak into the area. After you feel the oil stuck in the area, you can begin to wiggle the earring.

If you notice that it is able to move more freely, you can have the area enlarged. And then start to move the earring out of the way. 



Even though removing flat-back earrings can sometimes be stressful, there are safe ways to complete the process.

Keep in mind that this is a common problem that you might experience if you are wearing new earrings. Or, if you are wearing them in a newly pierced area.

It can be painful to remove flat back earrings without the right method. Therefore, be sure to follow these tips and work at slowly removing them from your ear lobe.


How to Remove Flat Back Earrings


Tip 6: Ask Your Piercer or Doctor

If you have ongoing problems or you are unable to remove the earrings, you may want to visit your doctor to get a professional opinion or for assistance.


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Pro-tip: Pick allergy-resistant flat back earrings when you buy them. This can help you with this problem.


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