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When buying piercing jewelry, one of the most important things you should consider is the size. In this article, we will discuss how piercing jewelry is measured. When measuring body piercing jewelry, there are two things you need to consider: the gauge and bar length. These measurements are explained in detail below. You can also find lots more helpful information in our Sizing Guide.

What is a Gauge?


The gauge is simply the thickness of the metal that is inserted into your piercing. The gauge is also used to describe the thickness of your piercing. The gauge usually is measured in millimetres. The suffix "ga" is used in the USA to identify the gauge. Important to remember that the gauge does not have anything to do with the length or diameter of a bar. This is covered in detail later in this article.

What is The Bar Length?


The bar length refers to the length of a barbell or labret, or the internal diameter any type of piercing rings. The length of your piercing is also important. Usually, this refers to how far apart the two holes are.(Refer to the image below for more information):
WHAT IS THE Bar Length

Buy The Correct Size


When buying body piercing jewelry, your first task is to choose the right size bar that will fit your piercing. It's not difficult, and it's easier if there is already a piece of jewelry in your piercing that you can measure.

You can see the measurements of the gauge and bar length in the following illustrations.
piercing size guide

How To Measure Your Ears For a Perfect Fit


Although there are recommended piercing sizes, you need to measure your own ear since everyone’s ear is different. Follow the instruction and find the size perfect for you.

Cartilage Hoops/Clickers


1.Use a ruler to measure distance from the hole to the edge of your ear.
2.Add 1mm for snug fitting and 2mm for loose fitting.

Bars Length


1.Insert a standard earring post into your piercing.
2.Mark off on the post on where you want the earring post to fit.
3.Upon removing, measure that length with a ruler.
4.Go a little longer in length so you don’t put undue pressure on your piercing.

Let Me Shop!


Below are our top piercing Jewelrys that will adorn your beautiful ears.

conch earrings

conch earrings


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