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teddy bear earrings
We have two main varieties of Teddy Bear earrings available on our website. From hollow teddy bear earrings to solid earring options available, we have quality gold and cubic zirconia selections to match your fashion needs. Need help deciding which option works best for your style? We are going to cover the difference between our chunky teddy bear earrings and our cut out style earrings:

Chunky Teddy Bear Earrings:

Chunky Teddy Bear Stud Earrings

Our Chunky teddy bear earrings are designed with fun fashion in mind in a minimalist style. The closure is a simple push back design and the gemstones are set into the gold with care. The earrings in the solid style feature a design that is made with solid gold featuring inlayed Cubic Zirconia on the inside. These earrings are sold as a pair and they come in a beautiful carrying case on arrival to your home. Our bears have a 0.8mm thickness and feature a 9mm length for a beautiful fashion look that is subtle yet striking. The base of the earring is designed in a 925 sterling silver with an 18k gold plating. The AAA cubic zirconia picked for the inside offers an uncompromising shine and the perfect option for a quality fashion look. For a different look, the earrings are also available in a silver style. Collect both or pick your favorite look for a gift or your own fashions.

Chunky Teddy Bear Stud Earrings

Cut out teddy bear earrings:

Cut-out Teddy Bear Earrings

The cut out teddy bear earrings are a slightly different design. Rather than a solid gold or solid silver look, these cut out teddy bear earrings use the same shape but a much more subtle design. The look of these earrings comes with a cut out teddy bear and none of the gem stones that you would find in our chunky teddy bear earrings. These are a great option for those that prefer a lighter earring or something that is a bit more subtle of a fashion look. The earrings are available in a gold or silver configuration and the material thickness is the same at .08 mm with an upgraded length of 10mm. The earrings close with a push back style and are done in a minimalist look. The 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver offers a light and vibrant shine with the best in comfort. The cut out style of earring can be a perfect match with any outfit and is a wonderful option to choose for a gift or for accentuating your outfits.
Cut-out Teddy Bear Earrings
Shipping and delivery for both items can be handled on the website and it is easy to get these sent directly to your doorstep. You can receive all earrings in a beautiful carrying case and receive an extended 30-60 day warranty on every purchase.
If you know someone that loves teddy bears or simply wants to get a cute pair of earrings for accessorizing their outfits, these could make the perfect gift. They are high quality and comfortable for daily wear.
Check out our other selections of earrings today to find more styles you may enjoy!


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