Cartilage Hoop Size Guide

Cartilage Hoop Size

What Size do I Need

Cartilage hoop gauge varies from 16g to 20g, depending on the location you want to put in. And the hoop diameter you need will depend on your anatomy and personal preference. If your piercing is closer to the edge of your ear or you want the hoop to be more snug, then a smaller diameter hoop workers better. The following picture shows the recommended hoop sizes, please keep in mind that it’s just for reference.

Cartilage Hoop Size Guide\

How to Measure Your Ear for Perfect Fit

Although there are recommended hoop sizes, you need to measure your own ear since everyone’s ear is different. Follow the instruction and find the size perfect for you.

1.Use a ruler to measure the distance from the hole to the edge of your ear.

2.Add 1mm for snug fitting and 2mm for loose fitting.

Cartilage Hoop Size Guide



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