How To Put in Flat Back Earrings

flat back earrings

Flat Back Earrings have become extremely popular thanks to their resilience, unique design, and comfort. That’s why more and more people are opting for this type of earring, just because they are so efficient and very high quality. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to screw on and tighten this type of earrings. With that in mind, here’s how you can do that and make the most out of your Flat Back Earrings

flat back earrings

Hold the back and twist the front of your Flat Back Earrings

The critical thing to remember here is that you want to twist the decorative part in the front, not the back. So, the best approach is to hold the flat back in place. If you want to grip it properly, you can use double-sided sticky tape, which might come in handy. Stick that piece of tape on the index finger, and then you can use the tape to grip the back.
Since Flat Back Earrings are very comfortable, and you can wear them all the time, there’s no real need to remove them. We also have a guide on removing the Flat Back Earrings if you want. However, screwing them on and tightening them a little will make a huge difference, and you will find these very comfortable and reliable.

Hold the front and then guide it into your piercing’s hole

You need to do this because it makes screwing it on easier and more efficient. The advantage of Flat Back Earrings is that once you do this, you can twist them into the back without a problem. On top of that, you can turn until you feel any resistance. Tightening the Flat Back Earrings is very simple and doesn’t hurt either. That’s why getting such earrings is an excellent idea and something to consider.

Tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • It’s a perfect idea to take a warm shower first before you screw on the Flat Back Earrings. The reason behind that any sign of heat combined with moisture will relax the earlobes. In doing so, it becomes a lot easier to screw on your earrings. Of course, showering is not mandatory, so you can use an alternative method. In this case, you can easily apply a warm washcloth to the earlobes; the effect will be very similar.
  • Check the Flat Back Earrings from time to time and see if they are screwed on properly. As you use them daily, it can be expected that these earrings will lose some of their resistance. Tightening them from time to time is ideal, and it will prevent situations when you can lose them randomly.
  • Clean your Flat Back Earrings from time to time. The last thing you want is dust, dirt, or any unwanted compounds to reach your earlobes, as it can lead to infections. We have a guide for cleaning your earrings properly as well. Nothing will replace a proper cleanup, and that’s why you need to do it from time to time. Ideally, you should clean these every couple of weeks, especially if you consistently wear them.


As you can see, screwing on and tightening your Flat Back Earrings is very simple, and it’s certainly a task you can do without issues. It’s an excellent idea to buy such earrings, especially if you want to spruce up your style and take it to the next level. Not only will it improve your look and boost your confidence levels, but you also get to enjoy wearing unique, different earrings. It’s a fun approach and certainly something to consider EricaJewels when you want to buy new pieces of jewelry.



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